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Samples from International Model shoot at Hard Rock Hotel

Muchos Gracias Pieldorada.

Thank you to all the girls from last weekend.  Such a great event and best wishes to all of you.
Some of them can be found at

Cristy MendivilIrisRepresenting PanamaRepresenting San Jose, Costa Rica

Some latest recent shoot shots

IsaiahContinued Compliation

Abstract Light Source

abstract light source

FashionShow Mall

one afternoon in LV

samples from a moundful

two phases meetProduce Merchant

A bit of captured tagging south of the border

A wall of graffiti in front of a historical building, on the edge of downtown San Jose, and some shots in the rain
lensbaby style of a torn down bus stop in Escazu.

Costa Rican tagging rocks

a fiesta tag style

A torn down bus stop in Escazu

Behind the brick