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Barristar Show, 2 day Hair Convention

Here at the Hilton in Anaheim, CA; over the course of 2 days OC Network Productions teaches 2 classes to eager student coming to learn some old and new tricks of the trade.  Stylists include Chad Clark, Oliver Nelson, Dawn Carter, Rachel Abrams, and makeup by Stacey Louise.


Sequencial Haircut shots for Stylists and those just learning.

For downloadable videos and thorough information about this stylist team and their methods please visit the below link of …

Samples from International Model shoot at Hard Rock Hotel

Muchos Gracias Pieldorada.

Thank you to all the girls from last weekend.  Such a great event and best wishes to all of you.
Some of them can be found at

Cristy MendivilIrisRepresenting PanamaRepresenting San Jose, Costa Rica

Stylists recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Supporters

Some latest recent shoot shots

IsaiahContinued Compliation

FashionShow Mall

one afternoon in LV